Preloaded Content

Zune is a vehicle to explore new sounds and experiences. With that in mind, Microsoft pre-loaded each Zune device with a variety of songs and music videos from hot, new artists as well as some fun films and images. With something for everyone, the pre-loaded Zune content may just help you discover your new favorite band.

Audio Tracks

  • Datarock, “Fa-Fa-Fa”
  • Mexican Institute of Sound, “El Microphono”
  • Sidestepper, “Paloma”
  • CéU, “Ave Cruz”
  • Barenaked Ladies, “Easy”
  • John Doe, “Golden State”
  • The Handsome Furs, “Cannot Get Started”
  • Pop Levi, “Sugar Assault Me Now”
  • Junkie XL, “Dark Territory”
  • Pacha Massive, “Don’t Let Go”

Film Shorts

  • “Red Bull BC1” (Red Bull)
  • “A Passion for Film Making” (IFC)
  • “First Kiss” (CAPiTA Snowboarding)

Music Video

  • Avril Lavigne, “Make Five Wishes” Trailer
  • Low, “The Hatchet”
  • Pacha Massive, “Don’t Let Go”
  • Joya, “Funky C”
  • Dntel, “The Distance”


  • KEXP Live
  • “This American Life: Squirrel Cop”
  • Nylon TV
  • Intro to Podcasts
  • Intro to Podcasts (Spanish)


  • “Illume,” Red Bull (44 images)
  • Zune Image Set (42 images)

Download the official archive below.