I think it’s clear by now that I’m a bit obsessed with the Zune. It’s timeless and I know we’ll be using our Zunes for the foreseeable future. The only issues I see affecting the Zune’s longevity is the software. It’s certainly showing it’s age and keeping an older computer around just to run the software isn’t practical or possible for everyone.

The Solution

That’s why I went in search of someone to help me create a piece of software that allowed the Zune community to manage our Zunes from modern computers. The person who answered the call was Vladimir Menshakov (whoozle).

He already created a piece of software called Android File Transfer for Linux that connected Android phones (which use basically the same transfer protocol) to connect to Linux and MacOS. He felt it wouldn’t be very hard to add Zune support.

Once he agreed to help I sent him a few Zunes and we got to work. I’m happy to announce that AFTL now supports transferring content to and from Zunes on MacOS.

Why MacOS?

I know it’s kinda weird right. Creating a MacOS app to manage a music device created by Microsoft. It mainly happened because the software we choose to add Zune support already worked on MacOS but even if that wasn’t the case I knew when I set out on this journey that I was always going to create a MacOS app as that is my main OS of choice. I’m sure it’s possible to port of Windows and I’m sure we can do that if the demand warrants.

Are you ready for the next generation of Zune software?